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Q1. How does Exceptional Tutoring work?

In order to become a client at Exceptional Tutoring, you must complete the enrollment process which is contained on the previous page.  Our enrollment process is very simple and follows four steps.  Once you have completed the enrollment process, your child's services will begin.  Students are monitored and parents are provided feedback after each session. With tutoring and parent participation our students improve one or more grade levels.

Q4. Are there any long term commitments required?

There are no long term commitments required.  Parents do have to commit to the very first six sessions in order to see improvement in their child's academic performance.  After the first six sessions, if parents would like to discontinue services, a letter must be submitted four weeks prior to discontinuing services. This provides our academic specialists to put a transition plan in place so that your scholar is successful even after they leave us.

Q2. How do we get started?

You can get started in a variety of ways. You can click on our enrollment tab and click Contact Us, contact us by phone at (972) 854-4958, email, submit an online application or schedule your consultation TODAY in order to discuss your child's needs.  After we have received your completed application we will schedule a free and complete follow-up call and in-take meeting.

Q5. How is Exceptional Tutoring different from other tutoring companies?

At Exceptional Tutoring, our programs are designed to work with home and school bridging the communication gap between parents and teachers.  We pride ourselves in being advocates for parents so they may have a level playing field and view as to the expectations of their child's education.  Parents have the flexibility of having individual or group tutoring sessions to help meet the individual needs of their child.

Q3. How do I get a tutor?

Once you have completed the enrollment process, and have decided on the program that is best for your child, you will be scheduled with a qualified tutor.

Q6. What  are your service areas and rates?

We provide services throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and beyond. Click on our Services tab to get more information on our tutorial, coaching and advocacy services. All of our services are available in-person and on-line. We also offer tutoring scholarships for qualified families (ASK US ABOUT IT). 

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