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Our Services

Exceptional Tutoring provides In-home, virtual, and location based basic skills tutorial or academic coaching services tailored to fit the needs of your child. 

Academic Coaching is designed for students 7th to 12th grades and provides families with effective time saving strategies to help students become academically independent and successful. ​

Our Basic Skills Tutorials are provided in all core subject areas for students: public/private/home schooled and with or without disabilities in Kindergarten to 6th grades. 

Let us take the guess work out of it, e-mail or call today!


Consultation Services

Pre-Kinder - 12th Grades

Not sure what approach your scholar needs to assist in their educational growth? Schedule your phone consult today, so our team of academic advisors can get your scholar a package that will help them become academically successful.


Tutoring Services

1st - 6th Grades  

We specialize in Basic Skills Tutoring. Our tutoring sessions are designed to give scholars extensive one-on-one and small group instruction from our team of qualified tutors in one or more subject areas.  These sessions allows your scholar to get individual assistance to reach and/or master grade level expectations.


Academic Coaching

7th - 12th Grades

Our Coaching services are designed for scholars on or above grade level (7th to 12th grades) and provides families with effective time saving strategies to help scholars become academically independent and build upon their academic success.

Back 2 Basics Math (5).png

Back 2 Basics Online Courses

1st to 6th Grades

Do you need help with your child's math or reading skills? ETACS can help you! We teach basic skills in a way that is easy to understand. Sign up for our Back 2 Basics online tutoring course today to get started. Your child needs your help to be successful in school. Contact us to join our online tutoring course where we can help your child with basic skills, including reading and math.

Coming Spring 2023

Mixed Race Down Syndrome Class

Special Education

 Our academic and advocacy services provides parents with the knowledge and skills to actively and effectively be involved in and advocate for their scholar's educational process. Parents there is no need to feel frustrated and wonder if your scholar will be forever dependent on someone or feel like they are "holding a space" and not being educated properly. Contact us today and let's develop an IEEP (Individualized Exceptional Educational Plan) and equip you with the tools needed to effectively advocate for your scholar.

Coming Fall 2024

Pre-K Tutoring.png

ETACS Pre-K Academy

3 & 4 year old

Our Pre-K Academy is designed to provide your Preschooler with the essential skills needed to enter Kindergarten with ease.

Coming Fall 2025

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ACT Test Prep

10th - 12th Grades

Paying for college is no easy task. Did you know the higher your child's ACT score the better chances they have of getting academic scholarships? The more financial assistance your child get in scholarships, the less you have to contribute for college expenses. Find out more about our Test Prep packages.

Coming Fall 2023

Home School Services

1st to 6th Grades

Let me introduce you to our NEW home school services. With the fast pace of education and adoption of new and rigorous curriculum standards, parents have said, "ENOUGH!" and we support you. Check out our home school plans and determine which one will fit the needs of your family and most importantly your scholar.

Coming Fall 2026

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