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Our Affiliate/Partnership Program

Partner with us and earn extra money.

Benefits of being an Affiliate/Partner:

  • You can earn extra money on your own time at your own pace.

  • Earn 20% on products

    • Parent Organization Binder​

    • Student Binder

    • 6 Habits of Accountable Parents Book

    • 10 Habits of Accountable Educators Book

    • Select E-Guides

  • Earn 5% each month on select services.

    • Basic Skills Tutoring Services

    • Homework Help Tutoring Services

    • Academic Coaching Packages

    • Special Education Advocacy Services

    • ACT Test Prep

Click the button below and provide us with your full name, educational level, community influence with parents of school age students, experience in product/services sales and why you would be a great affiliate/partner with Exceptional Tutoring ACS. This position is a contracted position and commission based.

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