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It's Summer Time!!
Data shows that students in grades 2 - 9 loose 25 to 30 percent of their school-year learning over the summer. With school closures due to the Corona Virus, that our summer basic skills program will have your scholar excited and engaged during the summer. Click the link below to register your child today. If you would like to schedule a consultation, click :Contact Us" below.

Summer Camp Basic Skills Tutoring Support
Basic Skills Tutoring

Virtual Summer Tutoring

Our virtual individual or group summer tutoring is a 6 week program designed to re-mediate and/or enrich your child's academic skills. Our individual sessions are designed to give students extensive one-on-one instruction in one or more subject areas.  Our group sessions are designed for students that need extra help in a certain subject area to maintain academic success. With our group sessions, your child has the benefit of working with grade level peers which allows them to get the most out of peer-to-peer interactions. These sessions allows your child to get individual assistance to meet/master grade level expectations.

SAT Boot Camp
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