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Study Hall

Our Study Hall group sessions are offered

Monday through Thursday from 4:30 to 5:30. 

Homework can be a hassle, but I .................

$Don't need one-on-one in-depth instruction from a tutor? Just need supervision?

$Hate having to be the one to supervise my scholar's homework Sessions?

$Want to have quality time with my family without the frustration?

$Don't have a lot of money to invest, but need the help/supervision?


Science and Technology Class
Children in Science Class
Family Time

Small Group Setting

Let one of our knowledgeable tutors help your scholar with their homework in a small group setting.  Study Hall provides your scholar with the educational setting and quiet environment they need to work on their homework assignments with ease.  We'll also help with organization and study skills.

Assistance When Needed

Foster independence with your scholar by having them under the supervision of our qualified tutors that will provide assistance when needed. Our tutors will also check homework assignments for accuracy on whatever they complete during their session, so you can enjoy quality time with your family.

Enjoy Family Time

Working a full time job, being a stay at home parent and having to maintain a household can be overwhelming then adding to assist them with homework can take you over the edge. STOP STRESSING, We Got you, We PROMISE!


Elementary Packages

4 One
Hour Sessions

$80 monthly

8 One
Hour Sessions

$160 monthly

12 One
Hour Sessions

$240 monthly

16 One
Hour Sessions

$320 monthly

High School Packages

Our High School Study Hall group sessions are offered

Monday through Thursday from 3:30 to 4:30. 

4 One

Hour Sessions


8 One

Hour Sessions


12 One

Hour Sessions


16 One

Hour Sessions


Let's get started?

Study Hall Registration

Thanks for submitting! Your Invoice will be emailed within 48 hours. Remember your scholar's spot will be reserved once full payment is received. One of our Client Services experts will be contacting you soon.

WAIT! What if ..................

My child doesn't understand their homework assignment?  Our knowledgeable tutors and coaches will work with your scholar to help them understand and master the skill or concept they are working on. This process may delay the completion of their homework assignment, but they will be equipped and have the confidence needed to complete their assignment with minimal parental assistance.

My child doesn't complete all of their homework assignment? We know how difficult most homework assignments can be. and it is our objective to assist them in the completion of their homework. Although that's the objective, we may need understanding and assistance from you. We pride ourselves in making sure our scholars not only understand but master the skills and concepts that they may be weak in. So we ask that you assist us with the completion of their assignments in the few times they may need extra time and support. These times should not occur often, if they do, our tutors or coaches will be contacting you to develop a plan of action that will be beneficial and meet the needs of your scholar.

I don't fully understand Study Hall and what the expectations are for my child and me? Let us sum it up for you. Study Hall is designed for scholars that are able to work at a level of independence, but may need a small amount of supervision/support from a tutor/coach. Scholars will work in a small group of 8 to 10 students to work on and/or complete homework assignments. You can choose the number of times your child comes to Study Hall each month. Once your desired package is paid for, your child will be able to come to a quiet and structured environment and get the supervision and support needed to be successful. This will reduce the level of your stress and free up some valuable family time. Although we can't guarantee full completion of homework assignments, we can guarantee your scholar will have an understanding of the strategies they can use to be able to complete assignments with minimal parental support. If our tutors determine your child will benefit from one of our other tutoring and/or academic coaching services, we will schedule a conference and develop a transition plan that will fit their individual needs. 

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