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Fry Sight Words 76 - 100 Download

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Give your child the beginning reading experience they deserve. Fry Sight Words provides you child with early reading skills and help your child build a strong foundation for reading more difficult and expanded text. Does your child struggle with phonics or phonemic awareness? Wee Fry Sight Words helps your child instantly recognize the words when seen in print without trying to use other decoding strategies that are used phonics. Teaching recognition of sight words increases reading fluency and comprehension. Sight words make up a large percentage (approximately 50-75%) of words that are frequently used in reading material. If a reader can learn those words, they will become a more skilled reader. This will allow their confidence and fluency skills to increase. One more key point is that most sight words can not be sounded out phonetically, so it is important to teach these words to help children recognize them instantly. In this way, they will be better equipped to read and understand the text. Don't wait, DOWNLOAD NOW!!

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