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Changing the lives of families through education and collaboration!!




Did this pandemic cause your child to struggle academically? Was your child struggling before the pandemic and now their academic performance gap is even bigger? Are you tired of trying to figure out what to do to help your child?

ETACS provides In-home, virtual, and location based basic skills tutorial services tailored to fit the needs of your child.  Our Basic Skills services allows your child to build a solid academic foundation, and increase their chances of working on grade level after just two grading periods. 
Is your child working on grade level, but can be performing even higher? Does your child lack the study skills needed to work independently at home to complete homework assignments?
Our Academic Coaching is designed for students 7th to 12th grades and provides families with effective time saving strategies to help students become academically independent and successful.


Do you have a child who is struggling in school? Whether your child is just starting out in school or has been struggling for a while, our Basic Skills Tutoring Packages can help. We offer one-on-one tutoring sessions to help your child succeed. 
We offer (45 minute) basic skills individual tuition based packages. Some students may require extra session blocks according to instructional needs.
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Exceptional Tutoring and Academic Coaching Service, LLC also provides parents with the knowledge and skills to actively and effectively be engaged in their child's educational process. Parents, there is no need to feel frustrated with your child struggling academically or just not performing up to their academic ability. There is help for you and your child!


We also provide parents and families with the assistance and resources needed to effectively communicate with your child's educator and bridge communication between home and school. When there is a healthy, collaborative environment, we see students blossom. Our goal is to support teachers while assisting families to help students meet the demands of educational advancements.


Grand Prairie, TX 75054

Tel: 972-854-4958

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